Client Audio Testimonials

She’s my best friend! They’re easy and prompt and they know what they’re doing. It was actually Father’s Day when I saw on the MLS a listing that just came up and houses in our neighborhood go really quickly. I saw it and fell in love with it do I sent it to Jen and said, ‘Look at this one.’ She got me an appointment on Father’s Day to go see it before it completely, like, there was no sign in the yard or anything! So, I saw it on Father’s Day and I put an offer in it that day and that’s the house I bought. It was a holiday and she still showed it to me. She’s the one who pushed me and said, ‘We better do see it!’ They’re just wonderful.
Karree Cline, Home Buyer

I worked with Angel. He was great! He was fantastic! He sold my house and my other house in Melbourne. The guy is fantastic. Anytime I called him he was right there. He called me and always gave me updates on everything. It’s hard to find people to do that in real estate and everything else. I never had to call him up and say “hey what’s going on, I haven’t heard from you,” because I always heard from him all the time. The best that there ever will be. If I need him again it will be him I call.
Larry Reynolds, Home Seller

I think they were very professional. They did a good job of guiding us through the process of getting the house on the market the way we wanted it to be presented, and I think they handled the showings very well. I would recommend them and I would use their services again. And I would state Angel, no matter what time of day, when there was an opportunity he was the one that would take the call and discuss it to provide data we needed. It was a remote sale on my side. I’m not in the state that the house is in so it made it easier.
Kirk Leff, Home Seller

The girl we worked with was Sandy Koo. She was very helpful, as far as any questions we had. The closing was fine and we are really happy here. She was very helpful and very pleasant.
Carolyn Haffner, Home Seller

I got my house. I found my house and I’m trying to remember how long it took to find it. But I don’t remember. They were on it and Matt was on it. So I’m happy with the house I’ve purchased. I probably had Matt go to more houses than he is used to going to. But he stuck with me and didn’t flinch when I wanted to go. I don’t know how many we walked through. Maybe twenty-five or so. He was very dedicated too. When he wasn’t able to come he sent an associate to show me through.
Nancy, Home Buyer

Everyone was very nice. From the front desk, the person I originally called, she was very nice. She got me in contact with someone very quickly. She asked for the necessary information and I got that to her. I asked if I could see the property that day. Obviously once I met Angel I knew he was great. Whenever I needed anything he would respond promptly. If he couldn’t spend time he would reply with a text letting me know he was with another client. So as far as his follow-up concern, he is exceptional and he was phenomenal.
John Aviles, Home Buyer

Positive! We found the house that we’ve been looking for. We were searching and Matt had brought us to many different areas and we settled on the home we purchased and we are happy with it. He was great. He was very patient and he met us every time we needed to go out and look at another house. My wife is happy. There was always someone there. I knew that he was really reliable, dependable, and was always there for me. Whenever I called him about a question, he was there. I don’t think there was just one particular instance I think there were many times that he has done it for us.
Ralph Trozzo, Home Buyer

It was great! It was wonderful. Everything was right there and lined up. This is my first home. People always told me that it was going to be a hard and long process, but no. Team Freda made everything so much easier. Everything was pretty much right there and laid out for me.
Darryl Anglin, Home Seller

"They were awesome! I had called interested in looking at a house that had an open house sign. That one was under contract. I got talking with Susan Lare who works at Team Freda and she asked me to come in to talk to them. And I did. And I had been living in the house that I eventually purchased for six years as a rental. I was trying to get a price out of the owners, so they that knew my first focus was to buy the one that I was in, and they put in all their efforts and took me to see a dozen houses and then came back and looked at mine. They gave the best advice on whether it would pass for FHA financing. They were wonderful. I have been recommending them to everyone and they have nothing but good things to say about the whole office. They were very good!"
Karen Hurney

“We have used Matt on multiple purchases. I am an investor in the Florida Area. He is proficient and works well, professional. I definitely will be working with him again in the future and probably will be listing a few of my own houses as well. I definitely recommend him to people.”
Brandon Reed

"Well, Matt had to deal with a lot of impending issues with open permits and whatnot. He was able to mitigate all those issues and help get the property sold."
Farris Sheihk

“They sold our house so that was the end result we wanted. So, we got what we wanted! Matt had great communication with keeping me informed on what was going on with me being out of the state. We are very pleased with them and we plan to recommend them if any of our friends or family are wanting to sell!”
Dana Sheikh, Home Seller

“Our results were excellent. As far as the sale of the house goes, we made an offer, they made a counter offer, we made another offer but we got the price we wanted. Which was lower than the price they asked, so we were very pleased with that. They also did a lot of checking on other villas in the area to see what they were going for and if it was worth it, and they walked through the house to check things out. It was a very good experience. It was very good to work with them for the first time. They live in Orlando and they traveled two hours up to this area and spent the night here showing me places, they didn’t just spend the one day they spent two days before I made up my mind, so that was fantastic. And they gave me all kind of options, I thought they went way out of their way on that. They just wanted me and my wife to be happy. They weren’t just about selling us a house, they were more about us being happy and that made me feel very comfortable.”
Tom Vazquez, Home Buyer

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