If you’re looking for a model that will promote your team’s growth, I truly recommend that you consider joining with eXp Realty. In the best way, you won’t see the industry the same way.

I am so excited to announce that we are moving from our independent brokerage model to eXp Realty, and even more excited to be working once again with the National Association of Expert Advisors.

Today I am joined by Jay Kinder, one of the co-founders of the NAEA, to talk about his background, his role in the NAEA, and how that ties in with eXp Realty.

Jay is a lifelong agent who has been in the business for 20 years since his father introduced him to it through his ownership of Coldwell Banker. In his career, Jay has racked up a number of achievements, such as:

• In his peak year, he sold 531 homes. • He has sold over 4,000 homes in total. • He was named the No. 2 agent in the world by Coldwell Banker in 2007.

Jay has since channeled his experience and expertise into training real estate agents on how to build a successful business. One of the challenges that he faced in building his own business was its sustainability, especially in terms of developing a working team model and maintaining its profitability.

Throughout the past 10 years, Jay has worked towards expanding his partnerships across the country, asking the question, “How can we all put our fires together to make one big fire?” In other words, how can we all work together to create one great company? Until he joined with eXp Realty, he hadn’t found a platform to do that.

Before joining, he had heard of eXp, but wasn’t really sure of what it was, so he discounted it. It wasn’t until someone had him watch one of their webinars that he took a closer look. He found that eXp provided the platform to develop a stronger team and a stronger business.

Though he’s only been with eXp for about two and a half months, Jay has already had the most fun he’s ever had in his real estate career.

The Freda Team is also excited to join the movement. We’ve been an independent brokerage for 13 years and have been approached by different models and companies. It wasn’t until Jay Kinder announced via Facebook Live that he was making the change that I saw what I couldn’t unsee. After seeing the webinar and looking at the model eXp provided, I realized that it solves a lot of the problems we’ve experienced over the years in terms of growing or retracting a team. It took me a couple months to make the jump, and now I’m just upset that I didn’t do it sooner.


Now that we’ve made the switch, we can’t wait to show more people the agent-centric model, technology, and training eXp provides. In addition, partnering up with the NAEA and having the experience of people like Jay Kinder in our network to promote the growth of new agents is very exciting.

There are many reasons to make the jump to eXp Realty. There are many amazing components to their business model, they’re publicly traded, they offer revenue sharing, and there is so much room for growth and opportunity. There may be only 7,000 or so agents in the network at the moment, but since they’re already adding 250 agents per week, I truly believe that it will one day become the biggest real estate company in the world.

Though you may feel satisfied with your independent brokerage now, once you come to understand the eXp model, you’ll realize that it’s simply better. Why try to reinvent the wheel? With the new technology that’s available, we can take our services to a higher level and network not only with people in our area but throughout the country.

We all get value from helping agents grow their business, but many agents at independent brokerages don’t have viable retirement strategies. The agent ownership and the stock program that eXp has available could make you very wealthy and set you up for a very comfortable retirement plan.

Real estate agents are entrepreneurs. When you take the opportunities provided by eXp and add them to your own business model, where you can get passive income simply for informing people about the benefits they stand to gain when they work with eXp, it disrupts the traditional sense of recruiting. I have the financial incentive to ensure that you and your team are successful. When you factor in all of the great teams that are joining the network, we are all aligned with each other to promote growth.

With all of us working together, anything is possible. I can’t overstate how much I would recommend that anyone who is in search of a better model for their team to invest 60 or so minutes of their time to watching the eXp Realty webinar.

If you have any questions about what you can gain from working with eXp, feel free to reach out. I’d be glad to answer any questions you have.